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Colgate MaxFresh Limited Edition Packaging


Colgate provided us an opportunity to design an alternative packaging for one of their leading products, MaxFresh. We were particularly excited with the campaign that literally radiates an explosive energy personified by the enigmatic Ranveer Singh. He’s perfectly suited in his mad magician red suit and exhaling white cooling crystals. We couldn’t resist playing with this eccentricity and capturing it within our design.

“The limited edition MaxFresh tin collectable is a bold yet simple design that unifies the core values of the brand and product along with the infectious energy of it’s brand ambassador. “
– Kunal Anand I Art Director


For every collaboration Kulture Shop takes on, we tailor the design process to the client’s needs. The process serves as a guiding light to drive the design thinking, research and ultimately the end goal.

Through the MaxFresh project we wanted to create packaging that would alter the way the toothpaste category is typically identified with. The tin provided us an excellent canvas, and its re-usability and affordability gave another positive layer to work with. With the added prospect of unifying the brands elements with the core values of the product, our exploration began with breaking down the graphic elements. The hero of the design was the high energy, explosive cooling crystals fused with Ranveer.

“The trick here was to capture the explosive energy and give it that clinical finish to push it into a slightly atypical zone without going off brand.”
– Aarti Shinde I Illustrator / Graphic Designer

We stripped the clutter and went for a white base, adding blocks of red to build up the illustration and strike a balance across the panels while playing with negative space. We loved the challenge of using the basic square and manipulating it in terms of form, shape, dimension and depth to explore abstract patterns and create an exciting visual story. Each panel was created to allow several combinations to create interesting visual merchandising opportunities in retail spaces.

“When my team first showed me the Colgate Maxfresh Collectible Tin Can, my first reaction was – “Wow ! This is AWESOME!”. The can is very different from any other toothpaste pack. The design of the can captures the essence of my energy and represents the brand identity perfectly- it’s simply superb! I hope people enjoy owning this special pack.”
– Ranveer Singh I Maxfresh Brand Ambassador

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